Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2

Epic role playing game


  • Incredible depth
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Almost unlimited decision making options
  • Can be extended with downloads


  • Takes a lot of getting your head round
  • Combat scenes can be too difficult


Dragon Age: Origins was confirmation that developers BioWare can do two things well: tell stories and create epic role playing games. The sequel, Dragon Age 2, does not disappoint and goes even further in enhanced gameplay and graphics.

Unlike the first game, Dragon Age 2 doesn't require you to create your own character. You play the part of Hawke - a refugee who has managed to escape from the ruins of the small town of Kirkwall. Dragon Age 2 requires much more tactical and decision making skills and these choices are complicated by the relationship between characters and the environment they find themselves in.

Dragon Age 2 has been hailed as possibly the best RPG of the past decade according to some quarters, and the depth of the game is certainly one of the most intense you'll ever play. There are also downloadable bonuses and extensions to the game which make it a truly epic offering that will have you absorbed for hours. The difficulty of some combat scenes can be frustrating at times and the game takes a lot of dedication to pass certain areas.

Dragon Age 2 is an epic role playing game that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

Dragon Age 2


Dragon Age 2

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